4.1. Calibration directory architecture

To run the OSMOSE calibration, it is assumed that the following directories and files exist:

  • a directory containing observation data used in the calibration. In this example: DATA (see Section 4.2)

  • a directory containing the configuration and forcing files that will be copied in the individual run directories of each population (in this example, master).

In this master directory, the configuration file that will be used in the calibration process must contain the following two lines:

Table 4.1 Osmose main configuration file





The first entry is the name of the CSV file that will contain the calibrated parameters. This file must be generated in the calibration process (see Section 4.6).

The second entry is the path of the main configuration file, which contains all the uncalibrated parameters needed by OSMOSE Java.


The main configuration file (here, osm_all-parameters.csv) may also contain the calibrated parameters (defined in calibration-parameters.csv). In this case, the calibration-parameters.csv file must be included first, in order to insure that it will have precedence over the osm_all-parameters.csv file.