4.5. Species parameters

This section describes the species specific parameters of the Osmose configuration.

species.egg.size.sp#: Size of eggs in centimeter

species.egg.weight.sp# : Weight of eggs in gram

species.K.sp#, species.lInf.sp# and species.t0.sp# are Von Bertalanffy growth parameters. The von Bertalanffy growth model only applies for schools older than a threshold age defined by the parameter species.vonbertalanffy.threshold.age.sp#

\[length =l_{\infty} * (1 - exp^{-K \times (age - t_0)})\]

species.vonbertalanffy.threshold.age.sp#: Threshold age (year) for applying the von Bertalanffy growth model. Below that threshold,growth is assumed to be linear.

species.length2weight.allometric.power.sp# and species.length2weight.condition.factor.sp# are allometric parameters such as

\[W = c \times L^b\]

where the \(c\) parameter is a ‘condition.factor’, and \(b\) the ‘allometric.power’.

species.lifespan.sp# is the lifespan of the species expressed in years. Lifespan =1 year means that the species will live one year. Lifespan = 5 years means that the species will live 5 years. The age of the schools is such that 0 <= age < lifespan. For example, if lifespan = 1 year, age will vary from zero included to 1 excluded ([0, 1[). If lifespan = 5 years, age will vary from zero included to 5 excluded ([0, 5[)

species.maturity.size.sp# is the size at maturity, in centimeter

species.name.sp# is the name of the species. Do not use space or any special character.

species.relativefecundity.sp# is the number of eggs per gram of mature female

species.sexratio.sp# is the ratio of female in the population, ranging from zero to one.