4.6. (Optional) Compiling Osmose-Java

The compilation of Osmose-Java is not necessary to run Osmose, since Java excutables are provided in the package. However, if the user wants to edit and recompile the Osmose-Java core, instructions are provided below.

4.6.1. Netbeans (Osmose <= 4.2.0)

Up to version 4.2.2, the only way to compile the Osmose Java core is by using the integrated development environment (IDE) Netbeans (https://netbeans.org/downloads/)


It is highly advised to install together the JDK and the Netbeans bundle: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-netbeans-jsp-3413139-esa.html

The modification of the Java code is done as follows:

  • Unzip one of the .zip file of the osmose/java directory

  • Open Netbeans

  • Click on Open a project

  • Select the folder that has been extracted (should have a coffee cup icon)

  • Edit the code

  • Clean and build the project by pressing Maj + F11

This new .jar file can be used in the run_osmose function of the Osmose R package.

4.6.2. Maven (Osmose >= 4.3.0)

From version 4.3.0, the code can be compiled independently of the Netbeans IDE by using the Apache Maven software project management and comprehension tool (https://maven.apache.org/index.html). When Maven is installed:

  • Unzip one of the .zip file of the osmose/java directory

  • Navigate to the directory via the Terminal (Linux/Mac) or Cmd (Windows) panel.

  • Type mvn install

The sources will be built in the target directory.


Maven projects can also be built with Netbeans, Eclipse or Visual Studio