2.2. Installing Osmose

2.2.1. Download the OSMOSE code

The OSMOSE model is now provided as a R package, which can be downloaded from GitHub as follows:

# using HTTPS:
git clone https://github.com/osmose-model/osmose.git

# using SSH
git clone git@github.com:osmose-model/osmose.git

When a new version of the code is released, it can be updated as follows:

git pull

2.2.2. Installation

When the code has been downloaded, it must be installed as follows:



The code must be reinstalled after each upgrade

2.2.3. Installation without download

The Osmose package can also be installed without download.

It can be installed by using RStudio. To do so, click on the File –> New Project menu and open the Version Control –> Git menu. Set the package URL (https://github.com/osmose-model/osmose.git). When the project is opened, click on the Build & Reload button to install the package.

It can be also installed by using the devtools R package as follow: